Feather Book

I have begun researching a remarkable Libro di Piume or ‘Feather Book’ held in the Blacker-Wood Collection at McGill University: 156 feather collages that represent birds and human characters of Lombardy through the intricate application of real feathers, preserved bird talons and beaks, and other natural materials on the page. Produced circa 1618 by the gardener to the Spanish Governor of Milan, Dionisio Minaggio, the Feather Book transforms featherwork traditions from New Spain to depict an impressive range of 112 birds, sixteen hunters and bird catchers, thirteen Commedia dell’Arte characters and actors, eight musicians, five tradesmen or labourers, and one townscape. With the exception of two Amazonian parrots and two ‘oriental’ hunting figures, the avian and human subjects depicted in the Feather Book are entirely indigenous to Lombardy and local knowledge is reasserted, moreover, through labels in red ink in the hand of the artist, in Milanese dialect.

Between feather and image, the Feather Book is neither global, nor local. It operates within a decentred sphere of encounter and exchange in the scientific, political, and religious networks that connect New Spain, Spanish-ruled Lombardy, and related collections from Spain to Bologna, Turin, and Prague. In this article-length project I consider the ethical and political stakes of the material conversion of feather into image. The naturalism of the Feather Book may attempt to tame the local Lombard terrain for its Spanish owner, but the presence of the real troubles the act of mimesis, complicating a hierarchical imposition of power through the act of representation.


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